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Closeup: Alesia Schumann vs. Amber Rose 34 :iconalesiaboxing:alesiaboxing 11 4
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POV: Alesia Schumann vs. Amber Rose 34 :iconalesiaboxing:alesiaboxing 8 5
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Alesia Schumann vs. Amber Rose 29 :iconalesiaboxing:alesiaboxing 15 17
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Alesia Schumann vs. Amber Rose 28 :iconalesiaboxing:alesiaboxing 14 5
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Triple closeup: Alesia Schumann vs. Amber Rose 27 :iconalesiaboxing:alesiaboxing 14 13
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Alesia Schuman vs. Amber Rose 27 :iconalesiaboxing:alesiaboxing 16 8
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Closeup: Alesia Schumann vs. Amber Rose 26 :iconalesiaboxing:alesiaboxing 12 7

3D Boxing

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Lilly OCWT update :iconchuy9502:chuy9502 22 11
Kotara-Art Commission :iconmilars:MilarS 45 14
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Lilim vs Kitten 168 Lilim detail :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 13 5
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Lilim vs Kitten 163 detail :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 17 14
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Lilim vs Kitten 151 Detail :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 12 19
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Lilim vs Kitten 133 montage :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 22 34
Stephanie dreams of fight with Alesia!

The dA boxing grapevine tells me that stephanieboxer (Stephanie Ward) --- whose comments on my boxing pics and on KO Kitten's ring battles are often seen here ---  is gunning for a ring showdown with alesiaboxing (Alesia Schumann), another of my boxing pals!  
I was asked if I could stage the fight between these two warriors, and I would love to do that!!  But I am already committed to finishing up the title fight between Kitten and Lilim Alterion --- now in its eighth hard-hitting round --- and I have promised fight series to both of the Stone girls ... Terrie Stone of PhoenixCreed will be fighting my new OC Jenny Wu, and VeraStone will be fighting my OC Mairead O'Malley for the Celtic Boxing title. 
I've also promised fights to several other boxers so I know I can't take on rendering the Stephanie vs Alesia fight any time soon :(
But here's my imagination of what I reckon S
:iconbx2000b:bx2000b 11 19
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Lilim vs Kitten 117 detail :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 19 14
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Lilim vs Kitten 106 detail :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 16 27
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Lilim vs Kitten 106 :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 18 26
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Lilim vs Kitten 100 detail :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 16 13
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Lilim vs Kitten 93 detail :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 20 51
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Lilim vs Kitten 79 detail :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 13 8
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Lilim vs Kitten 76 alternate view :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 15 20
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Heather vs Liz 14 :iconcb1964:CB1964 56 24
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Lilim vs Kitten 73 :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 13 19

Fight schedule

Current fight

Amber Rose (WBC Silver title)

Next fight
1. stephanieboxer

Disclaimer: If you want to book a fight with Alesia, I suggest that you get in touch as soon as you have a good idea! The state of my page often doesn't reflect the fact that I produce renders in advance, to post them at a regular rhythm later. While a fight is in progress, I am making plans for the next one unless I am already producing it!


Mar 23, 2017
6:31 am
Mar 23, 2017
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Mar 23, 2017
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Mar 23, 2017
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Mar 23, 2017
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Predict the outcome of Alesia vs. Amber 

17 deviants said Alesia by KO
16 deviants said Amber by KO
5 deviants said Alesia by decision
5 deviants said Amber by TKO
4 deviants said Draw
3 deviants said Alesia by TKO
3 deviants said Amber by decision


My my... you guys are evenly divided on the result of the Amber vs. Alesia fight! I hope that the upcoming action won't disappoint :D

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.06.08 by alesiaboxing
Bless the open minded, who see interest in combat sports as a disgusting fetish =P

Anea by alesiaboxing
What should a woman wear when she is involved in sports? Especially when she is boxing, a sport that is sexualised due to the brutal and attractive clash of femininity and violence? There is no clear answer, but I think that people should overlook both old stereotypes and the current backlash against them.

It was a very interesting experience to publish 3D renders of my main character, Alesia Schumann, recently with her new outfit. She now wears a short white skirt for her professional fights. If I can state with confidence that many people like the outfit, people from both genders were surprised by this "editorial" choice of mine.

The looks:

Alesia outfit update January 2017 by alesiaboxing

Ever since women's professional boxing became a thing, there has been a debate on how they should dress. Back when pioneer Christy Martin was fighting, it wasn't really a question. She wore a top and traditional trunks and that was it. Mia St. John changed that when she became a star in the United States, more for her looks than her skills. Her "hot pink", skin-hugging outfits and pictorial in Playboy magazine (I won't reproduce them here for obvious reasons) made her more of a sexual object than a fighter. When you see clips of her fights, you understand that her sex appeal sold more tickets than her punches.

Since, the way women dress in the ring has received more attention than it actually deserves. It all came to a head when AIBA, the international amateur boxing federation, strongly recommended that women wear skirts in the ring to "differentiate" them from men in competition. Some, such as Katie Taylor, have ridiculed the idea. Whether they are right or not is not for me to decide since I believe that people are free to choose whatever they wear, on the street or in a fight.

What bothers me, however, is that there are always observers of both genders who think that there is "right" and "wrong". Wear "too much" fabric and you are boring, not sexy enough to watch. Wear "too little" and you are "doing it wrong". Hide as much as you can, or you are selling your body.

If you believe in any of these two extremes, you're off the track. Total rubbish. I advocate what the French call laissez-faire. Live and let live would be a loose but proper translation of that expression.

Why do I bring this up? Because what you wear is much less important than what you accomplish, as long as you are not doing nudity. I live in Germany and I have boxed as an amateur, mostly with trunks and occasionally with a skirt. None of them seem to have stopped me from getting things done. Only a leg injury did :(

More importantly, before, during and after that amateur career, I have looked up to female professional boxers as an inspiration. They inspired me to take up boxing, inspired me to keep doing it, and have kept me interested once I retired from the sport.

How did they handle clothing? Some elite fighters wore the skirt, sometimes short. Others picked outfits that made their bodies insanely attractive.

Exhibit A: Ina Menzer vs. Esther Schouten 2 (2009)

Menzer Schouten by alesiaboxing

The main focus of this picture is Esther Schouten, on the right. This fighter from the Netherlands is my second favourite after Regina Halmich. Look at what she is wearing. Short skirt and very suggestive top. I don't think that another female boxer looked sexier in a boxing ring while remaining classy. Esther is an incredibly good looking woman in the first place, and her outfit made her an even better sight. If you saw this one live, as I did, your eyes popped out. The photo doesn't show the full extent of it. Yet, she is one of the most accomplished fighters in female boxing history. Nobody would call her a whore who sold her body for a few euros.

Her opponent, Ina Menzer, isn't exactly wearing a Burqa either.

Exhibit B: Ina Menzer vs.  Goda Dailydaite (2013)

If you know Ina Menzer, you know that she is one of the best female boxers that Germany ever produced. A technician with a good, clean punch. A role model in terms of fitness, intelligence and skills. Yet, if you look at the following picture, you may say "damn, that skirt is short!"

Ina Menzer by alesiaboxing

That thankfully never ruined her career. She earned a title and only lost one fight against Jeannine Garside, a notoriously difficult fighter to deal with. I also congratulate her for using a pair of white Paffen Sport gloves. My faves Love

Surprisingly, a more universally recognized idol, Regina Halmich, posed for Playboy Germany twice and her ring credentials have remained intact.

With a little perspective, all the women above will be remembered for what they did in the ring, not for what they were wearing. That's what counts.

Final word

Don't do politics over this. Women are free to wear what they want. Men aren't entitled to tell them that less fabric is a better thing. Women aren't entitled to tell them to wear something longer. You'll survive even if you don't like the decision.

I am aware that I may ruffle feathers with this little editorial, but I have to get this off my chest. Clothing isn't what makes us succeed or fail in this sport. The sweet science of boxing, which makes you throw, receive and avoid punches, is so much more important than whatever we choose to wear!


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Luks1 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
The Llama is for the great Lilim vs Kitten fight, possibly the greatest drawn out boxing match ever posted in Deviant Art.
alesiaboxing Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Professional Writer
Perhaps I should CC bx2000b and Sharigan360 here because they're the one staging that fight.

Although if you meant the Alesia vs. Amber fight, a look at what I have in store here shouldn't disappoint ;)
bx2000b Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you.  It is great to know we all enjoy boxing and boxing art by bringing it to dA where we can share our wnthusiasm and ideas.  I am sure Alesia vs Amber will be extra special it is off to a great start. I love that we can watch and share and learn from each other here while we have this much fun ... hugs and punches to you all ...
Sharigan360 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017
Thank you so much. I'm Happy your enjoying it. We're trying to make it awesome and story driven. 

alesiaboxing fights are like that too. There pretty friken awesome. I'm a big fan.

I can't wait to see how this Amber fight plays out.
alesiaboxing Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Professional Writer
It's getting rough!
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